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Similan Islands:

In December 2019 Mrs. de Keijzer wrote:

We also went for a 1-night stay at Khao Lak to do a trip to the Similan Islands by boat. This trip was amazing because we visited 6 islands and had the chance to do snorkling with turtles and the most beautiful fishes. The house manager of Villa Desi arranged the trip for us. This was really easy because we did not have to go to a tour operator to buy our tickets but just called her. She arranged everything perfectly and she even arranged the transfer from the hotel to the trip. After our trip we returned to Villa Desi and relaxed at the beautiful pool. 

Koh Yao Noi:


Every time we have our holiday in Phuket, we have to visit this island. It is really such a wonderful daytrip! When we have friends visiting us, we enjoy going. Last December (2019) our son and his girlfriend spent their holiday with us, so we went again.

This authentic Thai island, astonishing with very varied landscapes, beautiful nature, great views, no tourisme. So relax, so nice!!!


Koh Samui:

In December 2019 my wife and I visited Koh Samui for the first time. Thanks to the location of our house we could reach most of the attractive sights by scooter. To see all of the island and if you would like to do your sightseeing in a relaxed way, I would advice to rent a car. The beaches are beautiful.

During this trip we have rented a beautiful villa located in the north of Koh Samui. Ten minutes from the airport. This villa is new, nice modern furniture, well decorated and clean. The name is Villa White Orchid and you can find the details on google.


Koh Yao Yai:

In the north east of Phuket is the Bang Rong Pier. From here you can take the ferry in the morning and in only one hour you will reach or the bigger island Koh Yao Yai or the smaller Koh Yao Noi. Both are lovely, full with palmtrees and empty beaches.

Koh Yao Noi:

On the 14th of November 2018 together with our neighbour Christoph, we have visited the small Koh Yao. We went by speedboat and needed only 30 minutes. By scooter at a very relaxed pace we crossed this island in only one day. We really enjoyed and compared with Phuket we were in the authentic Thailand. Astonishing and very varied landscapes, beautiful nature, great views, no tourisme. Certainly recommended for a second visit!



Thailand’s maritime jewel:


Phuket Island, surrounded by warm tropical waters, is a paradise for watersport lovers. The gentle tides and calm waters from November to April are perfect for snorkeling while the wild and rough waves from May to October are great for surfers.

Phuket is the base for sailing the Andaman Sea and there are few places on earth that compare to the Andaman Sea when it comes to sailing. It will always be Thailand’s reigning maritime jewel. This diversity of this geography is also a powerful attraction. Phuket had emerged as the star performer in Thailand’s thriving tourism industry. Beautiful beaches, a warm winter climate and isolated islands are the core attractions that lure millions of tourists from colder climates each year. These are exactly the kind of attractions that those on boats are much better positioned to seek out and enjoy. If you want to hire a boat, there is a great variety and wide range of sailing and motorboats. You certainly will succeed with choosing the right one, with or without crew.

Ko Phi Phi Islands:

Phi Phi Island is Thailand's island-superstar. It's been in the movies. It's the topic of conversation for travelers all over Thailand. For some, it's the only reason to touchdown in Phuket. Even with all the hype, it doesn't disappoint. Phi Phi's beauty accounts for a large part of its allure. The islands, when approached by boat, rise from the sea like a fortress. Sheer cliffs tower overhead, then give way to beach-fronted jungle. It's love at first sight. The second part of the why-we-love-this-place story is attitude: few places on the planet are this laid-back. Of the two islands located near Phuket and Krabi, one is completely free of human inhabitants (Phi Phi Leh), and the other is without roads (Phi Phi Don). There's no schedule, no hustle-and-bustle, no reason to be in a hurry.

Getting to Phi Phi Island is pretty easy. This group of six islands is located 46km from Phuket. To get to Phi Phi, there are basically two options: ferries and speedboats. The ferry is by far the most popular method of reaching the islands. Ferries take about two hours from Phuket. The main departure/arrival port in Phuket is Rassada Pier, located in Phuket Town. The ferry terminal is a one-hour drive from Phuket Airport. To get good seats you should arrive well in advance in high season or half an hour before departure in low season. 


Koh Samui:

Koh Samui (Samui Island) is a cosmopolitan melting pot. It attracts budget travellers staying for a month or two in simple beachside bungalows, to the wealthiest holidaymakers dropping in for a weekend at one of the many luxury resort or villa on the many white sand beaches of Koh Samui. From the hustle and bustle of Chaweng Beach to the lively yet relaxed atmosphere of Lamai Beach to the timeless feel of Bophut's Fisherman's Village to the tropical beach paradise of Maenam. Koh Samui is unique among Thailand's islands in maintaining a broad appeal for everyone. This helps to give the distinctive relaxed atmosphere that sets it apart.

Similan Islands:

Similan Islands are located just 84 km northwest of the bustling crowds of Phuket. Koh Similan is one of the best-known island groups in the Andaman Sea, largely because of the wonders that wait beneath the clear blue waters that surround it. Generally counted among the 10 most interesting dive areas in the world, this little archipelago has also become a favorite destination for yachts and tour boats.



Ko Lanta:

With endless white sandy beaches, world-class diving and a friendly, laid-back culture, the islands of Koh Lanta are ideal if you're looking to enjoy a beach holiday away from the crowds. This island is situated just off the west coast of Krabi Town, being the main travel hub for the area and surrounding islands. Lanta can be reached by ferry from Phuket City, Krabi Town or Phi Phi. It is around 32km long and 8km wide at it's widest point, with jungle-covered hills and mountains running down it's central spine.

The west coast of the island, boasts at least 10 beautiful sand-covered beaches, all of which have their own individual character, offering something for all tastes and budgets. The east coast of the island is mostly tidal mangrove, but also host to the unique Lanta Old Town, a traditional Thai fishing village now becoming an interesting mix of Thai and Western cultures. You will find several great places to stay and eat, most of the houses and accommodations are built on stilts over the water, so you can lull yourself to sleep with the gentle sound of lapsing waves.

The South of the island is designated as National Park and is where the recently paved road ends and the dirt trails begin. Despite it's National Park status, there are a few relatively cheap and cozy places to stay and eat, but also one or two more expensive and comfortable options in which to enjoy the stunning, quiet beaches and explore the surrounding areas.






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